Laura, cornea transplant recipient

Laura, 37, from Greenwich, London has had two cornea transplants for an undiagnosed illness. 


Doctors considered four different eye conditions without concluding what was causing the problems Laura experienced.

She said: “I started getting ‘morning misting’. My vision was misty on waking, but cleared during the day. I used to get halos around any lights that I was looking at too. Eventually, the misting would not clear.”

Laura had a cornea transplant in her right eye in 2005 and then when the same problem developed in her left eye she had a second transplant ten years later.

“By the time I had my first transplant I couldn’t see out of my right eye."

"It was just grey. I could see light and dark but no definition at all.”

Hear more about Laura's cornea transplant story below.

“After both transplants my vision was clear,” she said. “It was still blurry at first, but clear! I could see colours and definition. The blurring eventually settled and the vision is good.”

“I can walk through a crowded train station without bumping into people! Drive confidently at night, sit back in my chair not glued to within an inch of my screen at work!"

"And now I can see my son’s lovely little face!"

“Had I not had both corneas transplanted, I probably wouldn’t have been able to continue in my job, and therefore wouldn’t have met my partner and probably wouldn’t even have my son.”

Laura, who is an underwriting specialist, says: “I feel forever grateful to my donor and their family. Words are not enough to express my gratitude. I was lucky that I lost my sight gradually and one eye at a time, as I didn't feel the full impact of losing my sight. However, now I have had both eyes done I know how very different my life would be if I hadn't been so lucky to receive both corneas.”

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